Winners of the 61st annual Stars of Tomorrow contest on Sunday were announced by the Buffalo Kiwanis Club.

In the junior division, Redic Mader placed first with his vocal and guitar rendition of “Long Black Train”.

Vivi Ostheimer and Sydnie Norman won the intermediate division with their vocal and instrument performance of “Fishing in the Dark”.

Junior division Second Place: Horizon Hanson, Evelyn Wages, Auggy Hanson, and Kaily Peterson for dancing to “Chasing the Sun”

Junior divison third place: Tate and Tye Tanachion along with Lane Weaver for an Abbott & Costello routine

Intermediate second place: Sophie Cohee for vocal performance with “Folsom Prison Blues”, Sydnie Norman for guitar and vocal performance of “Riptide”

Intermediate third place: Giovanni Monterastelli for vocals on “Oh Shenandoah”

The contest was held on Sunday in the Buffalo High School Auditorium.

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