Rick Myers is Chairman of JOCOFirst, a community-led economic development organization,and he is expected to lead a group of community leaders in presenting the Johnson County Community Improvement Project to both the Commissioners this morning and the Buffalo City Council this afternoon.

The proposed project would be a 20-year bond issue that would provide upgrades and continued service to nine “taxpayer-owned” properties within Johnson County, the City of Buffalo, and the Town of Kaycee.

Nearly every resident within the boundaries of those local governmental areas use at least one or more of the facilities this project encompasses… the Johnson County YMCA, the Buffalo Golf Course, the Johnson County Fairgrounds, the Bomber Mountain Civic Center, the Jim Gatchell Museum, the Senior Center, the Harold Jarrad Park in Kaycee as well as both libraries in the county.

Myers explained the proposal and why it should benefit area citizens…

The project proposal also provides for future care and maintenance of aging facilities…

Nearly 100 community leaders are directly involved in managing or directing one of more of the nine “taxpayer-owned” facilities and have cooperated in developing the project that will need county and city support for taking the issue to the voters in the August primary.

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