The Johnson County Commission approved its 2020-2021 budget yesterday amidst the leanest of times due to the adverse effects of COVID-19 and weakened energy production.

The fiscal year’s General fund sits at $11,095, 239 and some change.

Linda Greenough in response to a question from the media, discussed priorities in establishing a budget that appears to be as tight as it can be…

According to Chairman Bill Novotny, the answer to a number of departmental requests simply has to be a no…

The mill levees for Special Districts were also announced with the hospital receiving its 3 mil and the Rural Health Care receiving 2 mil.

Both fire districts received their mil levees, Johnson County with 1.7 and Powder River at 1.62.

2 mils went to Johnson County Weed & Pest, in part to fight Leafy Spurge with Solid Waste getting 1 mil.

Rounding out the Johnson County mil levees were the Cemetery District with a levee of .63, the Clear Creek Conservation District with .84 and the Powder River Conservation District with a full 1 mil.

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