The Johnson County Hospital District Board of Trustees approved a one-time COVID-19 hazard payout to Johnson County Healthcare Center employees, totaling nearly $1 million, in a show of appreciate for staff members who weathered the pandemic with admirable poise and unwavering dedication.

To reward employee hard work, commitment and risk exposure during the coronavirus pandemic, Johnson County Healthcare Center CEO Sean McCallister crafted a hazard payout plan for staff who worked between March 2020 to January 2021 and presented that plan to the board at their January 27 meeting.

“We appreciate their individual and collective efforts during this unique and challenging public health emergency,” McCallister said. “We are extremely proud of the courage, poise, preparation, skill and teamwork demonstrated by our entire team.”

The board voted unanimously to extend the payout to full-time employees, who will receive $500 per month for the 10-month period, totaling $5,000; part-time employees, who will receive $250 per month for a total of $2,500; and per-diem employees, who will receive $100 per month for a total of $1,000.

“The hospital board members are grateful for the courage and dedication shown by the people of the Johnson County Healthcare Center over the past 10 months and are glad to be able to show their appreciation in a meaningful way,” said Dr. Mark Schueler, president of the hospital board. “Despite the uncertainty and increased demands, these workers have functioned as a team at the highest level.”

Johnson County Healthcare Center is one of many hospitals across the country and throughout Wyoming that has provided hazard pay incentives to healthcare staff during the pandemic.

“Employees worked extra shifts, delayed or cancelled vacations, expanded their job scope, minimized internal spread of the virus despite consistent exposure to it and prevented virus outbreak in the nursing home,” McCallister said.

The payout was made possible through federal Health and Human Services COVID-19 stimulus funds.

“I’m pleased with our approach to the payout because housekeeping, dietary and laundry staff will receive the same amount as physicians and senior leaders,” McCallister said. “It recognizes that every team member has contributed in equally important and valuable ways during the pandemic.”

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