The “Fair” portion of the Johnson County Fair & Rodeo has given way to the “rodeo” portion of the 10-day event.

The livestock shows headlined each day’s fair activities since Sunday and much of the 4H efforts culminate with the livestock sale set for Saturday night at 6pm.

According to Keefe Rice, there are opportunities to purchase Wyoming livestock products from the Johnson County Fair participants in a way that may satisfy some  who have safety concerns related to COVID-19…

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, getting livestock to processing plants has been an issue in a number of areas across the nation.

According to Johnson County Commissioner Bill Novotny, getting livestock to processing and to the freezer is much easier when purchasing from a 4H participant…

The Junior Livestock sale begins on Saturday night at 6pm and registered bidders are invited to a meal prior to the sale at 5pm.

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