In an effort to combat COVID-19, the Johnson County Healthcare is currently evaluating its capability to offer telehealth medical and outpatient visits.

CEO Sean McCallister made the announcement during a media briefing yesterday…

The client would log onto the “Follow My Health” site to sign up, as it would expedite the hospital’s ability to offer telehealth.

According to McCallister, accessing video conferencing is relatively easy…

If the “Follow My Health” portal is already being used, you won’t have to sign up again.

Those seeking to use the telehealth portal can simply log on to and fill out a form to access the online health portal.

In a related matter, the healthcare center is accepting donations of N95 masks, surgical masks or medical gloves.

Donations can be dropped off at the healthcare center located at 497 W. Lott Street, where a box will be located outside the doors of the clinic and the emergency room entrance.

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