The Johnson County Commission considered a number of requests for 1% funds during its meeting on Tuesday morning.

A number of the requests were funded in full or in part, but one drew the ire of Commission members, the Recycling Center.

The joint Buffalo-Johnson County center had requested $70K but clearly Commissioner Linda Greenough and Chairman Bill Novotny are not happy with how the center is being managed…

There’s a possibility that the recycling center and the Solid Waste District would be combined and be considered as a special district where a mil levee would fund the programs, but voters will be making that decision during a November election.

At this time, neither the recycling board or the Solid Waste District has commented on the proposal to the joint venture.

According to Novotny, the recycling board has been given a deadline to decide whether to join the Solid Waste District and their running out of time…

The Commission agreed to fund the full amount for just one more year.

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