The Johnson County Commissioners voted unanimously at their October 16th meeting to open an outside investigation into some emails that were illegally deleted from a computer in the Assessor’s Office.

The computer in question was used by Deb Robinson, who worked as the receptionist in the Assessor’s Office.  Robinson resigned from her position on August 15, 2018.  Then on August 27, 2018 it was discovered that emails had been deleted from the computer Robinson used as an employee.  Robinson denies deleting the emails, and requested the investigation.

Johnson County Assessor, Cindy Barlow also denies deleting the emails.  Barlow said she only had limited access to Robinson’s email after her departure so that Barlow could tend to any relevant emails coming into the office.

The county I.T. Specialist says being able to recover any of the deleted emails is directly related to how much use that computer received after the emails were deleted.  The more use the computer had, the less likely it is to recover the deleted material.

The Johnson County Attorney’s office will seek an outside agency to promptly investigate this matter.


You can listen to this portion of the Johnson County Commissioners meeting in its entirety here…

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