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As part of continued management practices, the Sheridan Police Department is offering the opportunity to hunt geese on Hidden Bridge Golf Course.

 Large populations of geese continue to cause extensive damages to the course and the continuation of this program will further mitigate any future issues.

Hunters interested in participating in the program need to sign up at the Sheridan Police Department where they will be provided a map of the areas where hunting is authorized, a copy of proof of enrollment in the program and contact information for the individual(s) scheduling access.

 Due to recent developments in the Cloud Peak Ranch area, hunting is now going to be limited to three locations around the large pond on Hidden Bridge Golf Course.

 These locations are highlighted on the map that each hunter is provided.

 Hidden Bridge Golf Course is privately owned and all participants must secure permission from the designated individual(s) who have assumed this


 All Wyoming Game and Fish rules and regulations apply to this program.

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