Game and Fish personell stock the Ranchester Pond with fish.

SHERIDAN, WY— Annual fall fish stocking of community fisheries in Sheridan, Buffalo and Ranchester took place last Monday, Oct. 7. Gordon Edwards, a Sheridan Region fisheries biologist, and Bart Burningham, superintendent of Tensleep Hatchery, released close to 1,400 eight to ten-inch rainbow trout in six fisheries.

Community fisheries are small ponds or rivers that flow through a local community and are regularly fished by local anglers, particularly children. They are stocked with larger fish from the state hatchery system that can be caught soon after release.

The warmer water temperatures of summer can prove lethal to trout so stockings are done in spring and fall when water temperatures are regularly below 70 degrees.

Area streams and ponds that received fish are Soldiers and Sailors Pond and Clear Creek in Buffalo, Mavrakis Pond, Big Goose Creek in Kendrick Park and Sheridan Fairgrounds Pond in Sheridan and Ranchester City Pond.

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