The Johnson County Commission allocated $600,000 of 1% funds to several entities during its last meeting.

Fourteen organizations received a portion of their requests with nearly a third of the dollars directed to the Johnson County Road & Bridge Department for roadwork and a new truck.

Funds were also awarded to the library, the airport, the fairgrounds and the Sheriff’s Office.

The Gatchell Museum will also be able continue historic building restoration and improved exterior lighting.

The restoration of that historic building will be costly to the tune of nearly $400,000 and is expected to be completed over a period of years according to Gatchell Director Sylvia Bruner…

The roof is the initial project and the museum was provided just under $35,000 in 1% funds for the current year.

A request for slightly more than $100,000 was tabled and contingent on city approval of 1% funding for JOCO First and the Bomber Mountain Civic Center.

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