SHERIDAN, WY— With Spring weather arriving and the mountain snowpack melting, the potential for flooding in Sheridan County is on the rise.

Sheridan County has several sandbag filling stations available for the public to take advantage of, should the need for flood preperation arise.

There are several self serve sandbag filling stations available in Sheridan County, one being located at the Sheridan County Fairgrounds, and the other behind Ranchester’s Town Hall. Both stations are open for use at any time.

Additional filling stations are available at the Sheridan County shop (south of Girl’s School), and Story’s County Maintenence Shop. These stations are available for use Monday-Thursday during business hours.

The County wants to remind anyone who is planning on using the stations to bring their own shovel, and an additional person to help lift the filled bags.

Sheridan County wants to remind residents that county and city cannot fill sandbags, or retrieve them afterwards. Residents are responsible for properly disposing of sandbags after they are no longer needed

Residents who notice flooding or an ice jam occuring should contact Sheridan County Emergency Management at: 307-675-2569

For more information on Sheridan County Emergency Management visit:

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