Press Release:

On Saturday January 12, 2018 firefighters from Sheridan Fire-Rescue, Goose Valley Volunteer Fire Department, Big Horn Volunteer Fire Department, and Dayton Volunteer Fire Department gathered for a 3 hour training session on fighting fires in multi-level, multi-living unit buildings.  This training was conducted at Heritage Towers, 428 North Jefferson, in Sheridan.

The drill began as a response by Sheridan Fire-Rescue for an activated alarm system at Heritage Towers.  The initial response crew was confronted with the scenario that there was a fire in a residence on the fourth floor.  The first arriving company officer than had to request additional resources and prioritize actions based on the situation presented and the available on scene resources.
Additional resources were arriving in the time frame that they would in an actual emergency and where put to use based on identified needs by the Incident commander.  The scenario eventually involved fire in two different rooms, one on the fourth floor and the room directly above it on the fifth floor along with the search and evacuation of several floors and rescues of four victims.  Total on scene drill time was about eighty minutes followed by an hour of an after action review at Sheridan Fire-Rescue.

These quarterly drills have been occurring for several years now and all Sheridan County Fire departments are invited to attend.  The drills are normally scheduled on weekends or evenings to try and accommodate as many firefighters as possible.  Subjects have ranged from fires in homes and commercial structures, hazardous materials incidents, swift water rescue, and high angle rescue.  These drills help area fire departments with building skills and relationships that allow for effective and efficient fire fighting and rescue efforts throughout the county.

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