Barnum Inc will begin reconstruction of West Fetterman Street in Buffalo this week.  This is the first phase of Buffalo Street project and will begin with a road closure from intersection of Klondike/Fetterman to Cedar Street/Fetterman.  Local traffic will be accommodated during construction until concrete surfacing is placed; at which time no traffic will be allowed until concrete is cured.  Arrangements will be made for access during that time.  Estimated time of construction on the first Phase will be from next Tuesday, 6/23/20 thru 7/31/20.

The next phase of project will be new storm sewer installation through South Cedar St and go to Spruce St.   Barnum Inc. will accommodate traffic as much as possible. Roads will be closed during, please contact if any special arrangements. Paving for Cedar Street to Spruce Street is scheduled from 8/1/20-8/24/20.  Barnum Inc. will update accordingly as construction continues.

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