Earlier this week, energy attorney and consultant Terry Jarrett was a guest on the KBBS Morning Show to discuss the importance of “health” of the country’s electricity grid.

Jarrett blamed a decade-long dose of heavy-handed regulations, coupled with stiff competition from natural gas producers, in causing a significant reduction in coal-fired capacity in the United States…

Jarrett welcomed the EPA’s decision to repeal the Clean Power Plan and praised Energy Secretary Rick Perry for undertaking an extensive study lf the overall viability of the nation’s power grid, which supported the need for both coal and nuclear power to play a critical role in creating a solid foundation for US energy strategy moving forward.

Last week, Senator John Barrasso spoke of the country is an energy superpower and should start acting like it.

Jarrett agreed…

Jarrett has served on the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commission and the Missouri Public Service Commission.

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