SHERIDAN, WY— It’s rare that something can be called truly trailblazing, but a partnership between Sheridan Community Land Trust and EMIT promises to be exactly that. On Wednesday, July 17, EMIT announced that it has purchased and donated a mini excavator, trailer, and tools to Sheridan Community Land Trust (SCLT), which will be used to build new recreation trails in Sheridan County.

“When it comes to our community, EMIT will continue to work towards making this an even better place. The work SCLT is doing to provide recreation trails and connect people with the places they love is vital to keeping our community strong,” said Casey D. Osborn, CEO of EMIT. “Moving forward, local trained volunteers can help make a significant impact to trail development in Sheridan County.”

The partnership was announced during the Hidden Hootenanny, which celebrated the opening of Hidden Hoot Trail, the latest addition to a growing suite of non-motorized recreation trails built and maintained by Sheridan Community Land Trust.

Brad Bauer, SCLT Executive Director, explained how the partnership with EMIT can prove to be a game-changer for everyone who enjoys hiking, biking, horseback riding, and many other outdoor activities in Sheridan County.

“EMIT’s first question to us was how SCLT could build trails quicker. By providing the equipment needed to build safe, sustainable trails, EMIT has eliminated one of the largest costs in building trail,” he related.

As a result, Bauer said, EMIT’s donation allowed SCLT to find a creative solution to another large cost by bringing a dedicated trail builder on staff,” Bauer said.

The desire for more non-motorized outdoor opportunities continues to grow locally. This spring, two-thirds of respondents to a Sheridan Parks & Recreation survey said walking and bike trails were their top recreation priority. That’s 20% greater than the second-highest priority and about 20% greater than the national average. Open space trails finished third among respondents.

Bauer noted the partnership will allow SCLT to meet the community’s demand for non-motorized trails more quickly and more efficiently.

“Because of this partnership with EMIT, we will be able to build more trail for less cost and create a new job in Sheridan County,” Bauer relayed, concluding, “Most importantly, EMIT’s generosity results in a gift the entire community can enjoy.”

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