In October 2021, after 31 years of family medicine in Buffalo, Dr. Mark Schueler will end his clinic practice.

“It’s been challenging and rewarding,” Dr. Schueler said. “Medicine is something I wanted to do since I was 12 because it’s about solving problems with science in a meaningful way.”

For more than three decades, Dr. Schueler has provided care to hundreds of families at the Johnson County Healthcare Center. He’s cared for babies, adults and the elderly with patience, compassion and understanding. He focused on becoming a partner with his patients, working as a team to keep them healthy.

“Dr. Schueler spends an enormous amount of time with his patients, and they love this,” said Crystal Smith, Clinic Director at the Family Medical Center. “He is always thoughtful with his words and never one to rush anything.”

Throughout his career, Dr. Schueler has amassed many loyal patients and earned multiple awards.

“We’re grateful for Dr. Schueler’s decades of dedicated service to our clinic patients,” Sean McCallister, JCHC CEO, said. “His skills, knowledge and compassion have benefited community members from all walks and stages of life.”

Julie Leis, who has been Dr. Schueler’s nurse since July 2020, said that working with Dr. Schueler has been one of the highlights of her nursing career.

“It will be the end of an era when Dr. Schueler retires from the clinic,” Leis said. “He has taken care of five generations of my family, my Nana and Gram were some of his first patients. He is a part of our family, we will miss him greatly.”

Kylie Richendifer, JCHC RN, said that patients choose Dr. Schueler because he spends the time it takes to get to know them individually.

“He is kind to his nurses and is easy to work for,” Richendifer said. “He takes time to educate staff and the community when needed. He is a huge asset to the ambulance service in Kaycee and is an advocate for the community in all of Johnson County.”

Over the years, family practice has changed, Dr. Schueler said. Today, he wears a lot of hats and is finding the hours and the pace harder to keep up with.

“People are living longer with more illnesses, and treatments have become more complicated,” he said. “A more flexible schedule is a major reason for making the change. I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to be involved in so many lives in Johnson County.”

Dr. Schueler will potentially continue working in the emergency room, though a final decision will be made at a later date. His last day of seeing patients in the clinic will also be determined at a later date.

Dr. Schueler said that serving on the Johnson County Hospital District Board of Trustees will continue to be a priority.

“We’re fortunate Dr. Schueler will continue to lead the Johnson County Hospital District Board of Trustees,” McCallister said. “His leadership is thoughtful, steady and effective.”

The Family Medical Center at the Johnson County Healthcare Center will be in touch in the coming months with Dr. Schueler’s patients to discuss transferring care to another physician.

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