The City of Sheridan and the Wyoming Department of Transportation will be transforming Sheridan’s downtown Main Street from its traditional four lane traffic pattern to three lanes this weekend.

The City of Sheridan will close Downtown Main Street from 1st Street to Burkitt Street at 10:00 p.m. Saturday evening to prepare the roadway for striping on Sunday. 

Contractors will spend the night removing the existing striping pattern and prepare the road surface for the new 3-lane striping.  WYDOT and the City of Sheridan will perform the striping of Main Street Sunday morning.

Beginning Monday, the City and WYDOT will be closing intermittent intersections throughout the week to replace signal heads and upgrade signage. 

This permanent change is a result of a six-week long test performed in 2019. The study was successful in determining the three lane option offered motorists a safer, efficient and smoother drive through downtown Sheridan. 

The three lane pattern will include one travel lane in each direction with a center turn lane, and a diagonal hatched buffer zone between the parallel curbside parking and the travel lanes.  The buffer zone is intended to offer motorists an additional four feet of room for parallel parking and exiting and entering their vehicles. 

The buffer zone is not classified to be a bike lane, as it does not meet the width criteria to meet safety standards. 

The current signals that deny left hand turns during peak travel times will be removed, allowing left hand turns at any time of the day.

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