Last week, the Wyoming Department of Health announced that “variants” of the COVID-19 have been found in Wyoming over the past several months.

During a conference call with Sheridan Memorial Hospital, Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jon Addlesperger, commented on these “variants of concern”…

According to Addlesperger, 5 separate variants have been found in Wyoming, with B117 out of the UK as the most prevalent.

There has been one variant found in Sheridan County, the B1429 out of California.

There is some concern that people who have been vaccinated may become positive for one of these variants according to Addlesperger…

He recommended continuing with social distancing and wearing a face covering when necessary.

A warning over the increased advance of COVID variants was recently issued by renowned vaccination expert Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche who believes the current COVID-19 vaccines, through a mechanism analogous to antibiotic resistance, will create mutant variants of the virus that escape the protection of those vaccines.

He went on to claim that this problem will be exacerbated because people who have been vaccinated will be less capable of fighting off those strains than someone who has not been vaccinated.

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