SHERIDAN, WY— The Sheridan City Council voted to extend the Main Street reconfiguration test by three weeks at their meeting on Tuesday.

The test, originally scheduled to end on September 8th, will be extended to September 29th in order to allow the city to analyze the qualitative and quantitative data that was gathered over the last month.

The city, in conjunction with WYDOT, placed several traffic-counting devices on Main Street and surrounding streets to study how the three-lane configuration affected traffic throughout the town. An online survey is also being conducted to gauge public response to the new configuration. As of the city council meeting, 853 responses were recorded, 63% of which were in favor of the new configuration, 29% responded negatively, and 8% responded neutrally.

As of Monday, the city and WYDOT removed the traffic counting devices to begin analyzing the data. Due to the positive response of the public regarding the test, the city is considering extending the test for an additional three weeks in order to analyze the data and to make a decision if Main Street will be re-painted with the original four-lane configuration, or if the new configuration will be painted permanently until WYDOT’s planned construction on Main Street in 2023.

Sheridan Mayor Roger Miller asked City Engineer Hans Mercer to elaborate on the purpose of extending the test.

Council will hold their next meeting on September 16th at 7 pm at City Hall, as well as a public meeting at the Sheridan Memorial Hospital Conference Room on Gould Street on September 17th from 5pm-7pm.

Council is expected to hold a special meeting on September 23rd to decide how Main Street will be permanently painted by WYDOT.

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