Story By: Spencer Porden

Sheridan County Airport will enjoy continued air-service between Sheridan and Denver, through at least 2020.

On Wednesday, representatives from CAST and Sheridan County Airport approached the WYDOT Aeronautics Commission in Cheyenne seeking additional funding.

Shawn Parker, President of CAST, said the additional funding was primarily requested in order to avoid a lapse in service with Denver Air Connection, Sheridan’s air service provider, while the statewide “capacity purchase agreement” is being negotiated.

Parker added that until the statewide agreement is in place, it’s still unknown what Sheridan’s air service will look like in 2020.

The capacity purchase agreement, designed to help lower airfare prices by contracting with one airline statewide, set a deadline to submit proposals for airlines by December 20th of last year, with an official selection to be made in mid-March.

The Aeronautics commission approved the request and granted CAST a total of $935,000 in order to keep operations running.


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