At approximately 9am on Friday Sept.13th alarms were received of issues at the water treatment plant, throughout the day attempts were made to remotely work on the issues. Around 430 pm when all remote options failed a service technician was dispatched from the Denver area and arrived on site at about 10 pm. It was found that there were multiple hardware failures and those issues were corrected at approximately 1215 am on Saturday Sept 14th. By 1230 am the city was back up with an Estimated  4 million gallons of potable water in reserves and 2400 gallons a minute flowing in the city water mains. Water treatment crews will monitor throughout the night to ensure proper service to residents.


Throughout this issue all drinking water was safe for consumption and there was no loss of service to the City.


The City of Buffalo would like to thank the residents for their understanding and patience during this time, as well as the crew of the Water Treatment Plant and Public Works Department  along with the coordinated efforts of the Buffalo Police Department, Buffalo Fire Chief and the Johnson County Office of Emergency Management.  Once again this is what makes Buffalo the greatest.


Shane J. Schrader

Mayor City of Buffalo

“Only a life lived for others is a life worth living”

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