Three weeks into the 2020 Census, Buffalo and Johnson County are still among the state’s leaders in citizen responses.

As of Tuesday, April 21, the statewide response rate for Wyoming is slightly above 42 percent.

However, Buffalo leads all cities in responding with nearly 61% completion and Johnson County ranks 2nd in the state at 52% trailing Laramie County.

Sheridan County ranks 8th at 48% and the City of Sheridan also ranks 8th among cities at 56.1%.

For comparison, the national self-response rate is 51.6 percent.

One of the biggest challenges facing response rates in Wyoming is the fact that approximately 23 percent of residents live in an area designated as “Update Leave.”

Update Leave areas are part of a special operation for the Census Bureau and encompass rural locations that have city-style addresses but may use P.O. boxes to receive their mail, or it can be homes that contain rural route or highway contract route addresses.

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