Wyoming Game and Fish officials immobilized and captured a young black bear from the town of Dayton on the evening of Sept. 16 after receiving reports that the bear was accessing garbage from a residential trash bin.


The bear, an approximately two-year-old male, was immobilized by WGFD personnel and removed from the area. It was released in a remote area of the Bighorn Mountains on Sept. 17.


As fall progresses and winter approaches, bears enter a period known as hyperphagia, during which they become increasingly active in acquiring food sources in preparation for entering dens. WGFD asks residents and businesses in Dayton, Ranchester, Big Horn, Parkman and other areas where bears may frequent, to be vigilant about securing food sources such as garbage, bird feeders, pet food and other attractants.


“To my knowledge, this was the first time this bear was seen within town limits,” said Christina Schmidt, public information specialist for the Sheridan Region. “Because the public was prompt in alerting us to the situation, we could quickly respond to capture and remove him from the situation. The longer a bear is able to access human-provided food items, the more difficult it is to justify relocating it. We need the public’s help in keeping any potential attractants safely stored away for the next few weeks while bears are still active.”


More information about preventing bear conflicts can be found at www.wgfd.wyo.gov   If you see or suspect a bear in your area, please contact the WGFD Sheridan Regional Office at 672-7418 or a local law enforcement agency.


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