A bill that would support the establishment of an independent community college district in Gillette is working its way through the 66th Wyoming State Legislature.

SF83 is being sponsored by State Senator Jeff Wasserberger out of Campbell County and if passed and signed by Governor Mark Gordon would create an avenue for Gillette College to “separate” from the Northern Wyoming Community College District.

Residents of Campbell County would have the final say with regards to the creation of the new district and the tax levee it would be allowed to receive.

The possible separation from the NWCCD has been a topic of concern for the last few years as Campbell County objects to having no representation on the NWCCD’s board of trustees.



One of the issues that needs to be resolved is the tax levee amount for the proposed community college district.

The Office of Attorney General has cleared a portion of the issue in whether the tax levee could be less than the state mandate of 4 mills, provided they dod not seek additional state aid support.

However, the new proposed district could assess the 4 mills and could in that case, qualify for state funding.

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