The joy of the Christmas season can be abruptly halted in the event of a wildlife vehicle collision.

With shorter daylight hours, the Wyoming Game & Fish Department is encouraging everyone to be careful while traveling and keep an eye out for wildlife on roadways.

There has been an uptick in the number of animals hit on the area’s roadways according to Public Information Specialist, Christina Schmidt…

Early morning and early evening are especially common times to encounter animals on the road.

There are more signs going up in our area, some with flashing lights to get attention.

According to Schmidt, these signs are placed in areas with particularly high numbers of collisions, so keep an eye out for them and reduce speed if necessary to give you more braking time if you see an animal.

To help mitigate collisions around the state, there are wildlife conservation license plates available for purchase.

Applications can be downloaded from WYDOT website and the cost of the plates goes directly into a fund used for signs, mowing, fencing modifications and creation of over or underpasses to help animals cross the roads safely and keep drivers safe from collisions.

There are several businesses that have offered discounts on their products for those purchasing the wildlife conservation plates.

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