Story by: Spencer Porden

The Antelope Butte Ski Area, w hich has sat dormant for the last 14 years, announced on Thursday that they will officially open for their first ski season since 2004. The Antelope Butte Foundation (ABF), a nonprofit which formed in 2011 with the goal of reopening the ski area, said that the mountain will officially be open for operations beginning December 28th. Executive Director John Kirlin explains:

Kirlin added that the ski area also currently does not have an operational lodge, as the historic lodge that is on site is still under renovation. ABF is still awaiting delivery of a yurt, which they will set up to serve as a temporary lodge.

ABF wants to remind anyone that is going to come up to ski, that there is no running water on site right now, and no food services, so plan accordingly.

The main summit lift is still awaiting certification from the Forest Service. Kirlin said that although they are not 100% operational, the goal was to just get people on the mountain.

For more information on the Antelope Butte Ski Area or ABF, visit their website:

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