Story By: Spencer Porden

The Antelope Butte Foundation (ABF), a non-profit organization seeking to reopen the now-defunct Antelope Butte Ski Area, recently announced that they had partnered with EMIT Technologies of Sheridan, for a fundraising campaign in which EMIT has pledged to match donations up to one-hundred thousand dollars.

John Kirlin, executive director of the Antelope Butte Foundation, said that the fundraising campaign still has a ways to go.


Kirlin added that while he’s optimistic that the ski area will operate this winter for the first time since it closed in 2004, there’s still work that needs to be done. However, since the foundation purchased the improvements from the Forest Service in 2016, the ski area has come a long way.


For people who wish to contribute in ways besides monetarily, Kirlin said that there are plenty of opportunities to get involved with ABF and “earn your turns.”


Anyone interested in volunteering with the Antelope Butte Foundation should fill out a volunteer form at

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