The “joint” agency “Weed Pull” Day took place last Friday in two locations… Kaycee and Buffalo with nearly 1300 pounds of invasive weeds collected.

23 “pullers” gathered at the Outlaw Cave Campground in the morning and gathered 250 pounds of knapweed, mullein, and hounds tongue.

Another 80 people gathered in Buffalo to pull another 1240 pounds near and around state lands near the Veterans Home.

The group included young volunteers from the 4H Clover Colts, YMCA Camp 307, Boy Scouts, and Buffalo HS Sports groups.

The weed pull will continue through most of the summer with an end date of August 15th.

According to Thad Barrett of the US Forest Service, there is a phone “app” to assist those wanting to participate in the bounty…

More of the invasive and noxious weeds are located along the trails system in Buffalo, Heritage Park, and a number of other locations.

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