The charitable nature of Johnson County and Buffalo is legendary but a recent proposal by an anonymous donor to the Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum has taken financial donations to another level.

An unnamed donor surprised director Sylvia Bruner with a shocking offer of support for the non-profit museum…

The proposal would certainly provide much needed funding for the museum given the current financial constraints of county funding for the museum.

Lower property tax revenue has cut into the museum’s reserve and based on the previous year’s budget, a third of the funding for the non-profit simply is not available.

Even with the continued support from the Gatchell Museum Association, there is still a significant cash flow issue.

According to Bruner, the matching funds must be raised by the end of the calendar year to receive a portion or all of the $30,000 offered by the donor.

Donations are tax deductible and can be via a check payable to the Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum or through the museum’s website

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