Wyoming adopted the Access Yes program in 1998 to enhance and maintain public hunting and fishing access on private and land locked public and state lands.  Lands enrolled in the Access Yes program can vary from year to year, so the Wyoming Game and Fish Department reminds hunters that it is their responsibility to know where they are and are not allowed to hunt and/or hike.  Maps are available at the Game and Fish website (www.wgfd.gov) that show locations as well as rules and regulations for each particular area.

There are 20 walk-in hunt areas in Sheridan and Johnson counties.  Wyoming Game and Fish Department asks that you respect these private lands so they remain open to public use.

Hunters can create maps at the Game and Fish website (www.wgfd.gov) and Geo PDF’s that can be downloaded to a smart phone.  You can use these maps along with your phone’s GPS to show where you are on the map at any particular time.

Wyoming Game and Fish Regional Access Coordinator, Troy Tobiasson was a recent guest on KBBS’ “Community Speaks.”  Tobiasson discussed the Access Yes program, and its three subprograms (Walk-In Area Program; Hunter Management Area Program; and Hunter/Landowner Assistance Program). Listen to the interview in full at our website www.bighornmountainradio.com.

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