A bill to protect the 2nd Amendment rights for Wyoming citizens passed on 3rd reading yesterday in the Senate but the sponsor of the legislation actually voted against it!

Senator Anthony Bouchard sponsored SF81 with the intention of protecting against the federal government’s infringement of a citizen’s 2nd Amendment Rights.

An amendment to the bill removed much of the individual protection that was intended by Bouchard.

As it stands, a violation of someone’s 2nd Amendment’s rights would result in a misdemeanor and a fine of just $500.

So, if a federal law is passed to confiscate guns and Wyoming law enforcement are used to do that, then it would just go to court and a judge would decide whether it was legal or not.

The court could possibly rule that the confiscation was legal, based on the interstate Commerce clause.

As a result, Bouchard as the bill’s sponsor, voted against the bill on 3rd reading… as did Senator Bo Biteman of Sheridan.

The amendment was supported by the Wyoming Sheriff’s Association.

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